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When life changes suddenly. Getting back on track with the right support.

By October 7, 2021November 7th, 2021No Comments

Until you have experienced anxiety and mental health issues, it can be hard to understand the day-to-day challenges a person can face when struggling with these issues.   

Margaret is one of our jobseekers who has faced many mental health issues which have paralysed her with anxiety from finding work or clear direction in a career. Then she connected with Hasina, who is a DES Employment Consultant at Jobfind Camberwell.  

Once a strong businesswoman with a great job, Margaret was married and financially comfortable, allowing her to stay home and care for her children. Life changed when her marriage dissolved and her once impressive and strong work skills became dated and non-existent.   

Proving that life can change in an instant, Margaret describes how her life changed suddenly after her marriage broke down.  

“I was once a driven, motivated and determined woman. It’s like I just gave up and started believing I was completely worthless, unemployable and old.”   

With Hasina’s help, she has been able to pick herself up and keep going.  

“Hasina has displayed such patience, understanding and care that has allowed me to find me again slowly. The phone calls received from this gorgeous soul Hasina kept me afloat and gave me a sense of inspiration to get through this. Her support, guidance and not making me feel that I was alone gave me comfort that I will be ok.”  

Hasina made calls to check on Margaret’s welfare, and that meant the world to her.  

“Being part of your branch and separate from Centrelink ultimately reduced my anxiety with personal care and management instead of feeling like another CRN number in the system with issues.”  

Margaret says the most humiliating and damaging knock to her confidence was standing in line in a Centrelink office feeling broken and worthless, surrounded by drug addicts and people in desperate need. She realised she was now in a similar situation and that it can happen to anyone.  

Margaret had entertained the idea of studying before but found it challenging to find something that interested her. Today she is studying a course she enjoys and manages to get by despite the challenges – and being an excellent example for her children keeps her motivated.   

“My anxiety and the roller coaster of emotions haunt me daily, from having way too much energy to not being able to get out of bed. Plus, I still need to be a mum and do the best I can to get through the day and be a good role model for my kids.”  

“My children are my life, and I want to make them proud and show them that anything is possible, and through the darkest trials light prevails. Thank you, Hasina. I can’t wait until I can finally find work and be that woman I once was.”  

Well done Margaret – keep up the great work! You are a great example to your kids, and also, to all of us.  

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