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Comprehensive no-cost services for employers

AKG provides bespoke no-cost recruitment services to find, train, recruit, on-board and support all types of employees.

We specialise in helping people find meaningful employment

We specialise in assisting people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, the long-term unemployed, people living with disability, First Nations communities, young and mature-aged people, so they thrive in work and beyond. We work with businesses of all sizes and across all industries, throughout Australia, Canada, Italy, Singapore, Sweden and the UK.

Our partnership model makes AKG different

We are one of the few companies to actively seek international, national and local partnerships, across corporate organisations, government departments and local community organisations.

We see the employers we work with as partners as well, and we make it our business to understand and respond to the needs of their local area.

We help find qualified, reliable employees – at no cost

Across all our employment services companies, we start by getting to know the business and its recruitment needs.

We then provide job-ready candidates who are the right match and keen to work. We use our specialised assessment tools to ensure they are the right fit, and we work with them to ensure they have the correct skills, qualifications and attitude.

We make sure any available federal and state government funding is accessed to support hiring and training eligible candidates.

And we continue to provide support for at least six months after a job seeker is employed.

We help employers make the most of their people

As part of our network, employers also have access to:

data analysis including labour market trends, notice of skills shortages and future economic developments to help you plan and recruit your future workforce
human resources planning, including strategies to increase diversity and innovation, employee retention and reduced absenteeism

the opportunity to tap into our integrated training services for job seekers, including pre-vocational training, industry-specific training and certificate level courses, and through our training providers.

health services to support the wellbeing of our job seekers.

We help employers embrace diversity and innovation

Many businesses appreciate the value of a diverse workforce, but sometimes find it hard to know exactly how to make it happen.

It can also be challenging to know what cultural or physical modifications may be needed in the workplace, and what government grants, funding, incentives and rewards there are to support diverse hiring.

AKG specialises in helping employers to navigate the process, access funding and incentives, and advise on specialist ways to recruit, train and onboard diverse staff.

We can help with supports and funding to help employers

culturally and linguistically diverse staff
people with disability
people facing housing instability, are in recovery or experiencing family violence
mature-aged staff and mid-life career starters
young people
people who have been in contact with the justice system
First Nations Australians

Explore our employment services companies

Jobfind – our generalist employment company

An industry leader in employment, training, recruitment and post-employment services.

uLaunch – our disability employment specialist

uLaunch partners with people living with disability, illness and injury to co-create new pathways to fulfilling and meaningful employment.

Real Futures – our First Nations employment specialist

Delivers Community Development Program services in the Southwest Alice, North and Barkly regions of the Northern Territory.

Jobs 22 – in the UK

An innovative partnership between AKG and not-for-profit social business Catch22, delivering employment services and the Restart program in the UK.

AKG Singapore

AKG Singapore is leading provider of employment and health and wellbeing services. We work with both government and businesses to promote physical, mental and social wellbeing and improve employment outcomes.

AKG Canada

In British Columbia, we are proud to partner with the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction to deliver Employment Services in five catchment areas and nine locations.

AKG Italy

AKG Italia provides tailored support to get unemployed people 16 – 64 years of age into work in Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna and Lazio through the Guaranteed Employability of Workers (GOL) scheme. In Lombardy we also provide tailored support to unemployed men aged 30 -54 through Dote Unica Lavoro (DUL).

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Together we can find the best solution to build the team you need for your business.

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