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Coaching our young job seekers into sustainable employment outcomes

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Young people have enormous potential and are a vital resource for the Australian economy and community.

Youth Engagement Coach at Jobfind, Raf Matta, is at the coalface every day working with our young job seekers, mentoring and placing them into sustainable employment. Raf details one of his recent success stories.

Kyron Salter is a young man who was referred to Jobfind by Centrelink in November 2019. He started working with Employment Consultant Qendresa Krasniqi, who recommended Kyron connect with Raf for additional support.

Raf met with Kyron in January 2021. The pair quickly established a connection of trust, allowing Raf to get to more serious conversations and discover the difficult life Kyron experienced growing up.

Raf didn’t judge or interrupt. He just listened.

“Kyron has been through far more than any young person should ever have to experience. So, I extended a hand and reassured Kyron that we would help him.”

Next, Raf recommended Kyron attend a career advice session. After the session and a review of Kyron’s resume, it became clear he had very minimal experience in hospitality. As a way forward, Raf thought about placing Kyron into a program run by a local community centre to help Kyron gain work experience and develop the skills and confidence required to find hospitality work.

Unfortunately, Kyron let Raf down on several occasions and wouldn’t show up to any meetings. Using his intuitive skill, Raf knew that Kyron’s heart wasn’t in it and that hospitality wasn’t a good fit.

At the heart of Raf’s process when working with young people is understanding, intuition and a whole lot of perseverance. He didn’t give up and continued to work with Kyron and then discovered his passion for music and writing lyrics. Together they set some goals, and after weeks of researching, Raf finally found the perfect music path and had a plan for Kyron to study a Certificate IV in Music.

Raf immediately saw a spark in Kyron’s eyes, and he instantly organised a meeting with the Music Coordinator at Kangan Institute. Surprisingly Kyron was there half an hour before the meeting, and at that point, that’s when Raf knew he was on the right track and the right career path for Kyron to pursue.

Kyron quickly tackled the enrolment process, completing the English and maths test online with flying colours. Next was the audition phase, with Raf there to support him while Kyron performed two original songs.

Kyron and Raf received a call from the Music Coordinator advising that Kyron was successful, and he commenced his study in June 2021.

Raf is proud of Kyron and his personal and professional growth since his journey with Jobfind began. Kyron is highly motivated and says he has big goals for the future.

“First, I will complete my Cert IV, commence the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) program, and then start my career in my recording studio.”

“Jobfind want to support your goals and dreams and don’t try to force you into an industry you don’t feel motivated being in.”

One of the critical steps to solving the significant youth unemployment and underemployment in Australia is mentoring and coaching. Raf says employment is vital for young people to attain financial security, wellbeing, independence, a sense of belonging and achievement, and skill development.

“Young people should be able to access meaningful, long-term employment so they can contribute to the Australian economy and community.”

“Youth need more help than ever before. Youth unemployment is on the rise, and it’s our job to reach out and help young people with education, training, and employment. Young people are our future leaders and the leaders of tomorrow.”

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